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The Watts Family

 Welcome to our one stop shop! Watts Family Business started on the merit of well...Family!  We are a multi service business, operated by husband, wife and kids, whom are originally from Ohio but moved to Port Saint Lucie Florida as of 2013.


Our family wanted to create a world of our own, by mixing our side hustles with passion and dedication, into full dependable businesses that would create an avenue for our children to become small business owners.  Which in part, helps them learn how to make money for themselves without the dependence of employment.  Simply because we never had pleasant experiences with jobs, and knew the possibilities that you can always be replaced. So, we never want our children to experience the unnecessary troubles of what we did, so teaching them how to make money on their own and for themselves, was something we remain dedicated to.

   Watts Landscaping offers lawn care services throughout the Treasure Coast. This service is operated by Primus Watts.


St. Lucie Mobile Notary is also apart of Watts Family Business! 

St. Lucie Mobile Notary serves south Florida since 2019 with a 5 star rating and accredited by Google.  


    WattsBrand is our clothing brand stands out from the rest because you won't find our t shirts around!  We created a t shirt and apparel collection of our history that is forgotten, rare custom designs, throwbacks from entertainment life and keepsake memorabilia

Watts Family Business has apparel for ALL Ages!  Because age is more than a number and a mark, it's a feeling of being young at heart, and we should always feel young, wild and free...forever! 


Feel free to visit our shop before exiting!

We have something for everyone!

 Lastly, our photography services specialize in Confidence photo shoots. By creating confidence through the lens of the camera, gives the client an experience of self love and happiness that may have been inexperienced before.


Watts Family Business has created our OWN empire by providing  multiple resourceful services to build real wealth for our Family and for the future of our Family.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are in need of ANY of the "local" services named above here in the Treasure Coast.  Our apparel brand shop is open 24 hours a day and available for all your retail needs. 



If you are not ready to purchase but would LOVE to support our family brand. You may donate through our Cashapp $WattsLove777

Please feel free to email us anytime over at and thank you for visiting our site and supporting our business and our kids future!  

All services are right here in our one stop shop, conveniently at your service anytime, day or night!

Our Family Means Business!

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